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System Hardware Solutions All business IT, data and applications need a home, and we provide this with customized hardware solutions, after careful study of each client's business needs and constraints. Our solutions are a complete from the ground up package which includes:
  • Servers
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Networking and Firewalls
High Availability (HA) Solutions Outages could result in data loss and tremendous business impact, including missed SLA penalties, lost business opportunities and disruption on supply chain. To ensure business continuity, we provide a wide range of aggressive HA solutions. Also known as HA Clustering, redundancy is built in to ensure failover whenever the primary business system is impacted. Thus business applications will continue to work even when system components fail, or in the event of a critical disaster.
  • Vision Solutions MIMIX
  • Vision Solutions Double Take Availability
  • IBM PowerHA System Mirror
  • SQL Clustering
  • Linux Clustering
Virtualization Solutions Our deployed virtualization solutions take advantage of the client's resources in the most efficient manner possible. We plan, design, and implement the entire virtualization stack, consolidating workloads wherever beneficial.
  • IBM Power VM
  • VMware
Backup & Recovery Solutions Our backup & recovery solutions perform scheduled backups, allowing businesses flexibility to restore specific data files, entire systems or a complete rollback to a fixed point in time. We also provision for archival needs, allowing business data retention over many years.
  • Acronis Backup & Data Recovery
  • CA ARCserve
  • Veritas Backup Exec
  • Virtual Tape Library
Maintenance & Support Services For all the solutions implemented, our skilled engineers are more than capable to deliver comprehensive software & hardware maintenance, plus a wide scope of support services:
  • Regular Preventive Health Checks
  • System Housekeeping
  • Fix Packs and Corrective Fixes
  • Firmware Updates
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Remote & Phone Support
  • Onsite Support

Our specialized & skilled engineers are certified to support multiple operating systems:

  • IBM i or OS/400
  • Enterprise Linux
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  •   +91 413-2954764

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Crution has built an offshore outsourcing powerhouse capable of delivering 24x7 project management on the largest software projects, backed by world class processes and capabilities that helps clients manage through rapid changes in technology.

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